Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Monday, April 26, 2004

Good Weekend Part 3

Last post about this weekend, I swear. As I mentioned in Part 2, we meet up with Dana and planned a night of dinner and dancing. Dinner was great at The Corner, where I had a gyro for the first time in a while. And our waitress was so nice that I actually had her bring out her manager just so I could tell him what a wonderful waitress we had. She was happy and so was I. Not only was the food great, but the conversation was great as well. I know it was great because at one point I had the following conversion with the waitress:

Waitress: Can you do me a favor?

Me: Stop saying the word "whore" so loud?

Actually, she just wanted me to turn on the overhead fan, but it was still indicative of the good conversion we had. We then headed out to a local bar named Alans ( I think, but I'm not sure), were I preceded to immediately become the "pace car". For those unaware, the pace car is apparently southern slang for the person who has had 2 more drinks then anyone else in the place. The single guys I hang around with typically use it to refer to the drunkest girl at the bar when they are looking for a girl;) Anyways, I was way ahead in terms of weight divided by alcohol consumed by the time we left that bar and went to Vinyl. Vinyl is the pseudo-dance club in town. Picture any dance club you have been in: slutty girls in tight clothes spanking and dry humping each other, the single old guy dancing around the stage, men trying to pretend that they are not fascinated with girls spanking each other, alcohol that costs $4 a bottle, etc.. Your typically dance club.
I said pseudo before because the DJs mostly suck although as I got drunker throughout the night, I thought that the music got a lot better. I danced like a typical drunken white guy for most of the night with Sue, Dana, Ryan, and Geoff. I had a lot of beer. I think I peed 8 times while we were there. What a great weekend:)

Good Weekend Part 2

Continuing my good weekend, Sue and I headed out to Panoply on Saturday. For those not from round these parts, Panoply is a annual art festival held in Huntsville. It is actually really nice. We ran into Dana and planned to meet up later that night for dinner, dancing, and drinking (more on that later). Sue and I got a bunch of stuff, both for ourselves and for other people (no one who reads this, so don't be expecting any artsy gifts from us). The best thing we acquired was a great 8x10 painting. The guy selling it is telling me about all the old testament religious symbolism and how the different elements represents different emotions, and all I am thinking is:

<butthead voice>uhhhhhhhhhh, I like pretty colors, uh, huh, huh. Red is good. huh, huh</butthead voice>

Anyway, I have to report that I am also a clumsy oaf. I dropped a cute turtle made of glass that we got not 5 minutes after we got home. ARRGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! STUPID ERIC!!!! STUPID! I'm telling you this so that if you ever come to my house you will not ask, "What happened to this turtle?" and have me break down right in front of you. It will be awkward for both of us, so just let it go. Despite the fact that I dropped this, Sue still loves me. She shouldn't, cause as previously mentioned I am a clumsy oaf. But she does and I love her all the more because she could forgive me for that.

Good Weekend Part 1

What a good weekend! First, Sue and I rented Kill Bill Vol. 1. She hated it, but I actually really liked it. I know it was bloody; pointlessly bloody. But it was stylish, brilliant sound, and classic Tarantino. I loved all the conflicting imagery. I especially like the initial shot of them fighting in the living room with the camera shot through the picture window to the suburban screen in the front yard. I loved the fact that the soundtrack would be completely disconnected from the scene playing out. It makes some of the really graphic stuff seem less disturbing.

And you have to like Uma Thurman. She is bad ass in this movie and at the same time completely lovable. That is the essence of every Quentin Tarantino movie. A series of dichotomies. Good people driving you nuts, and the bad people becoming your hero.

It did have some flaws. I was not a big fan of the Anime, although it was clearly necessary (don't want to fuck up a kid actor for the rest of their life). But that part of the story could have been left out. And blood seemed to spray out of people like it was under 500psi. Maybe it does spray out like that, but it seemed like it was just way too much. And why the heck were they bleeping out her name? What is the point of that?

We also rented Anger Management. First reaction: Sucked. It was boring. It was totally unbelievable. It was ridiculous. It did have some really good moments, but they could not overcome the fact that my suspension of disbelief would not suspend itself long enough to enjoy the movie.

Insights into the Mind of Eric

I found the following two quotes funny today. I think they both will give all you out there an excellent insight into the sick, twisted abstract that is my mind:

"Have you ever thought about just turning off the TV, sitting down with your kids, and hitting them?"

"Why kill the poor when you can feed them senior citizens and ride them to work?"

Reading them again, I think I should point out that I don't agree with either of them. They are just really funny to me:)

Friday, April 23, 2004

I Miss Slurpees:(

According to this link, I live almost 300 miles from the nearest 7-11. That is almost 3 hours if I could average 70mph the whole way. DAMM IT! How can that be so?!?!?!?! Why must this state be without 7-11s?!?!?!?! I want slurpees!

I do have to admit though that the lack of 7-11s means that I actually look forward to trips to places like Phoenix or Ft Hood. There is nothing better than the first sip of Coke Slurpee after 3 months going without.

Work Sucks Today

I hate days like today at work. First its Friday, so in general I am not feeling particularly productive. Second, I had a major ship deadline yesterday of my software, so today I do not really have that much to do. Those two things combined have made today really long and boring so far. I need to focus. I need to work on keeping the flow going. Finally, I had Pizza Hut buffet for lunch. Since it was a buffet, I naturally stuffed myself like a wild pig, which is only increasing my need for an afternoon nap.

Must... resist... urge to post constantly to the blog and surf the web for the rest of the day...

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Not a fan of reptiles

One thing I do not like about the south, is how big the snakes and insects get due to the nice weather. I do not like these critters to begin with and they are huge. I definitely have a phobia for spiders and snakes. Today I found out the hard way how much I hate snakes. We had a pretty big thunderstorm roll through here and it dumped about 3 inches of rain at once with hail. I had to duck out on the front porch to save some hanging plants and some planters on the ground from flooding. I was opening the door to the back to make sure my little trees and ivy were still standing and I did not look out the window first. When I opened the door, a 2 foot long snake was at the door trying to get in!!! I saw it just in time to slam the door just in time. Eric got home just after that as we watched it slither up on the side of our house. Eric tried to grab it to fling it back in the woods when it crawled under the brick by our heater. EGH!!! UGH!! YUCK!! HATE CREEPY, CRAWLY things!! I didn't really want Eric to kill it but I sure as heck did not want it near my house. I will try not to have nightmares!!!

WMDs Not Found

Saw this pseudo computer/geek joke today and thought I would share it:

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Some non angry words

I guess my last post did sound a little bitter and I realize that now, so I edited it some. I was quite angry that day and I guess I took some things a little too far. Some people from Alabama took offense and I am sorry from that, but I thought that some criticism was ok. That day and the whole week before I was bombarded by very religious Alabamians that were very pig-headed and I was using this space to let out some feelings. It is either that or do a destructive behavior. I guess since traveling to New York, a symbol of the freedoms in the US, I have become a little more focused on what I see as important. Right now I am going through an anti-organized religion stage in my life and I just am sorting out what is important. One of my new things is to stop hating others for what they believe and I was a wrong in the way I was explaining that. Using psychology terms I have been learning, I was using anger as a defense mechanism. I have encountered a lot of the "bad" people from Alabama but I have met some really great people here too. I guess Alabama or any Bible belt state is the wrong place to be anti-organized religion. I just get frustrated when the classroom, news, and politics are wrapped in religion and they are also bashing gay people. I guess I will try to steer clear of religion and politics since those are the topics that I am very passionate about now and I don't want to make people angry with me. This is why I don't talk about these things at school with my friends because I am so outnumbered. I am used to going to college and working with people from all religious backgrounds. I have had friends that are Buddhists, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, agnostic and all types of christianity and I enjoy being around people that are all unique and different. It makes life interesting and fun to learn new things all the time.

Anywho, I have met some great Alabamians that have showed me that there are some open minded people. I have had the great pleasure of having some wonderful teachers at school, oddly only two have been from Alabama and one didn't talk about religion and the other will not stop preaching in class and saying some really bold things. Of course she also has some issues she needs to work out that she tends to bring into class with her. I have also taken care of some wonderful patients that were very sweet and were from Alabama. Where I worked until recently I had the pleasure of working with some wonderful southern nurses that have taught me a lot and I appreciated the time that they spent with me and the fact that they took me under their wing and made me feel like a part of their family. It was like having 8 moms!

I guess also I am finally getting the nerve to speak my mind after 25 years of being the scared, shy, not wanting to piss anyone off girl who wanted everyone to love her! I tend to rant for a long time now because I feel like I have a lot to say. I still do want everyone to love me and I feel like some people now will hate me for some of the things I wrote and I hope that is not true. I guess I have not met many friends at school or work that are my age or younger since I feel more like a 22 year old and I miss hanging out and partying like the good old days. Eric and I will have to go out clubbing more on our own and meet new people. Everyone from MSU, and MI that are reading this, I miss you all so much and I am sad that we didn't hang out more when we lived nearby. We just took advantage of the fact that you were all so close and had no idea that we would move so far away........ Eric and I have each other and we have really learned that how much we love each other and are truly each others greatest friends since we have been here. We do have a house down here that we love and we adopted and bought our two dogs down here that we love so dearly.

On a lighter note, I recently rented some fun, happy girly movies when Eric was out of town. I watched Mona Lisa's smile and Uptown girls. I thoroughly enjoyed them! Julia Roberts rocks and she was very cute in Mona Lisa's smile. She played a strong female character. Uptown girls was a light hearted girly movie that was very funny. Brittany Murphy, the cute little girl from Cat and the Hat - Dakota Fanning, and the cutest pig called Moo were in it. It was a sweet, cute movie. I rented these when Eric was gone since he is not the girly movie type guy. We also rented Something's gotta give with Jack Nicholson and that was such a great movie. It was funny and had a romantic story line. Plus Keanu Reeves was really hot in it so there was him for me and Amanda Peet for Eric. Something for the whole family to enjoy. Plus the medical stuff was all things I have learned and I knew exactly what they were saying.

On another light note, I have been doing well in school. I am so glad that the semester is ending soon since I need a break. School is really stressful, but in a good way. I had a lot of great experiences in clinicals this semester. My clinical instructor who was my teacher at the hospital when I worked with real patients was such an inspiring nurse. She was so knowledgeable and I really learned a lot from her! I have learned that I do not want to work on older adults unless it is in a fast paced unit like ER, or Med-flight. I would live to do one of those but I am really interested in NICU, pediatrics or OB/GYN. I just love kids and I interact well with them. I am not shy when it comes to kids and babies. Next year I get to do clinicals in Pediatrics and OB/GYN so I am really looking forward to that. This summer I am Forensic Nursing which sounds really cool. I had a taste of it this semester from a group presentation. Forensic Nursing is like CSI, but reality. It will also involve some science which is something else I miss doing. I am really anxious about finishing school so that I can start working!

Back on the posting wagon.

I finally got some comments to my post asking if anyone was actually reading this thing (I think because Sue sent out another email about it), but that is all the validation I need to start posting again!

Back from Ft Hood last week. I'm such a weird guy on trips by myself. Unlike normal people, I really don't feel a need to go out to the local attractions and see stuff when I am on a solo trip like this one. I spent nearly the entire time working or hiding in my hotel room doing nothing. I had planned to see The Punisher, but I knew I would never get out and actually see it without someone else to motivate me to go out. So I spent most of the time chatting with old friends on AIM (As a software elitest, I know I am not supposed to like/use stuff from AOL, but I like Aol Instant Messenger).

The last day there, I was forced to check out by 11:00am, so I had to waste 3 hours until my flight. That sucked. I tried going to the mall to waste time. That took all of 20 minutes before I got bored with roaming around looking at stuff I had no intention of buying and no intention of really wasting any thought on at all. Then I got some lunch (again, wasted about 20-30 minutes) and ran next store and got a slurpee (this is a place after my heart, 7-11 and Quiznos right next to each other). Still had 1.5 to go. I spent the rest of the time at the airport listening to CDs and thinking that I need to plan ahead for this sort of thing a bit more:)

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Viva la vie Boheme

Hello all. I have realized something living in Alabama. I thought before that I was like a Hippie, but I am way too clean for that so I can't be! I have realized that I am Bohemian! I am not one to quote songs but the musical "Rent" has a song called "La vie Boheme" that explains it all!! Here goes:

"To days of inspiration , playing hookey, making something out of nothing, the need to express-to communicate, to going against the grain, going insane, going mad
To loving tension, no pension, to more than one dimension, to starving for attention, hating convention, hating pretension, not to mention of course hating dear mom and dad.
To riding your bike, midday past the three piece suits-to fruits-to no absolutes-to Absolut-to choice-to the Village Voice-to any passing fad
To being an us for once instead of a them, La vie Boheme.
To hand crafted beers made in local breweries, to yoga, to yogurt, to rice and beans and cheese,
To leather, to dildos, to curry vidalgo, to huevos, rancheros, and Maya Angelou
Emotion, devotion, to causing a commotion, creation, vacation, mucho masterbation
Compassion, to fashion, to passion when it is new, to Sontag, to Sondheim, to anything Taboo, Ginsberg, Dylan, Cunningham and Cage, Lenny Bruce, Langston Hughes, to the stage
To Uta, to Buddha, Pablo Neruda, too.
Why Dorothy and Toto went over the rainbow to blow off Auntie Em.........La vie boheme.
Bisexuals, trisexuals, Homo sapiens, carcinogens, hallucinogens, men, Pee Wee Herman, German wine, turpentine, Gertrude Stein, Antonioni, Bertolucci, Kurosawa, Carmina Burana.
To apathy, to entropy, to empathy, Ecstasy
Vaclav Havel-the Sex Pistols, 8BC, to No Shame-never playing the fame game - To marijuana!
To sodomy, it's between God and me, to S & M! - La vie Boheme
To dance, no way to make a living, masochism, pain, perfection, muscle spasm, chiropractors, short careers, eating disorders
Film, adventure, tedium, no family, boring locations, dark rooms, perfect faces, egos, money, Hollywood and sleaze
Music, food of love, emotion, mathematics, isolation, rhythm, feeling, power, harmony and heavy competition
Anarchy, revolution, justice, screaming for solutions, forcing changes, risk and danger, making noise and making pleas
To faggots, lezzies, dykes, crossdressers too!............... To people living with living with living with, not dying from disease(AIDS) Let he among us without sin, be the first to condemn...............The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation! La vie Bohemme!"

I love this song as I love the entire musical. I love it when something like this makes you think.


Anyone out there?

I've had the sneaking suspison that no one is actually reading this thing (other than my wife). So if you are, please leave a comment on thispost. I really like writing it to be honest, so I guess I just want to make sure I am not typing to myself:) I need validation for stuff I do:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Everything is Rent!

First, I thought I would post some thoughts on the musical Rent. First thought, this was a great musical to see. Second, I was either asleep or just slow when I saw it the first time. Sue bought the soundtrack as soon as we got back, and I have listened to it a few times. For those who have never seen it, you can skip this part. For the rest, you can laugh at my ignorance:

- I never knew that Roger had AIDS (even though not 10 minutes in they stop the music and have Mark tell Roger to take AZT).
- I never knew that Tom Collins had AIDS.
- I did not figure out that Angel had AIDS until he was in the white outfit (even though she explicitly says she has Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrom).
- I did not figure out that Mimi had AIDS until she was sick at the very end of the play.

Reading the list over again, I think I see a bit of a pattern...

I still have a few questions about Rent:

1) What is with the obession with Santa Fe? Two songs sing about it. And it is mentioned at least two other times.

2) When the junkie group is singing, what the heck are the following: B, C, D, Horse, and Jugie Boogie Boy

If anyone has an answer, post it to the comments.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Nick and Jessica Show

Sue and I are watching the Nick and Jessica Variety Show right now. Before you leave this site in disgust, let me point out that I made Sue turn the show on so that we could mock it for a solid hour of entertainment. First off, let just get the obvious out of the way. Jessica Simpson has an amazing rack and she is not afraid to show it off on this show:) I mean.... Good God! If Sue had not watched some E! special on her where they were talking about her not being able to become a Christian singer because of her boobs, I would swear they were fake. They have to be! They are not proportional to the rest of her body! Before Sue whacks me for this post, I need to point out that I could never touch Jessica Simpson. The first time she talked, I would completely lose any erection I had.

But that aside, this show is only worth watching for mocking. Every time either one of them talks, its like watching a middle school play in terms of acting ( the guy is a little better, but still rough). They can sing, and they do that a lot with various guest singers. But the little skits are mostly ridiculous and all build to basically one punch line. Try to imagine the last skit in an episode of Saturday Night Live (you know the one; Last one of the night is always the most worthless, like the last song on most CDs), but about 5 times worse.

So to sum up: This would be a good show to either watch completely wasted or with the sound off.

Friday, April 09, 2004

I'm Back

I'm back from Fort Rucker. Boll Weevil Circle was nice and quiet. It is weird going to a place where you constantly see Apaches, Blackhawks, and other army helicopters flying overhead. While the trip was productive, I am very glad to be back home. For one, the hotel we stayed at did not have internet access!!!! How can they expect any geek worth his wireless access point to survive on a company trip without access to the internet? I felt so....so....disconnected without it. No news feeds. No email. No IM. Sad really that I have become so dependent on it for most of my entertainment.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Home, sweet..............

Hello everyone. Since Eric has been in Ft Rucker these past few days I thought I should post something to keep y'all entertained. Can I just say that it sucks when Eric is gone. It is so quiet here that I find myself talking to myself a lot more often and I talk to the dogs a lot more too. If the dogs weren't here I think I would not be able to stay here alone. For one thing I have to kill all of the insects that enter our house myself, usually that is Eric's job. I hated bugs before we moved down here, I especially hated spiders, but now I hate them more. Down here in Alabama, the freakin insects are 3 times larger than what I am used to!! It freaked me out the first spring we spent down here. I would go outside and see a spider as big as a fifty cent piece or a moth as big as a coaster! Ulgh!! I shiver just thinking about it. We have a lot of humongus wasps and yellow jackets living on our back porch and I really hate that. I am dealing with the bugs this time since there have been very few, but when Eric went out of town a month ago I killed about 9 spiders in my house that I am pretty sure are the brown recluse spiders-poisonous. I saw enough of them that I checked it out.


Monday, April 05, 2004

Job Offer

Today I got the following via email:

I reviewed your resume on the Web and was impressed with your qualifications. I wish to discuss open positions at Microsoft in Redmond, WA (emphasis added by me).

As I am sure many of you are aware, working for Microsoft is either a developers worst nightmare, or the equivalent of a software engineer's wet dream. (Side Note: the actual software engineer wet dream as a manner of fact is Asia Carrera. She is a member of Mensa, and is the sysadmin for her own website. An intelligent geek who likes to take her clothes off:) drool........). Anyways, back to the point of this blog. I fall squarely in the category of people who think working at Microsoft would be a wet dream come true.

That's why this email was so hard to read. There is no reasonable way that Sue and I could move to Redmond, WA right now. For one, we just bought a house. For another, Sue has only one year to go before she finishes her nursing degree. Finally, the plan is to move CLOSER to Michigan and our families, not "as far as possible in the continental United States." Still, the possibilities leave me with a sick feeling in my stomach that I am giving up on something great...

However, Sue just pointed out to me that it should be taken as a really good sign that I am getting job offers like this out of blue. It should mean that when we finally want to get back into the Midwest (sickening I know, but its what I know and love), it should make it relatively easy.

Ft. Rucker

I'm heading down to Ft Rucker this week Wednesday - Friday, so for all you loyal readers, there will probably be a bit of a hiatus from blogging during that time. I can already hear the masses out there crying out, "What will I do without the witty posts of Eric to look forward to each and every day?". But rest assured that Sue will be here to console all and to post her own witty thoughts and rants.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to mention that I am staying in Enterprise, AL in a hotel on a street called, and I kid you not on this, "Boll Weevil Circle" :)

For those unaware, the Boll weevil is, "a small, grayish beetle of the southeastern United States with destructive larvae that hatch in and damage cotton balls". Gross. Why the heck would you name a street after something like that?

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Housing Images

I found this website again today while going through some old links and deleting them. http://terraservice.net is a website created by Microsoft research that can show you a aerial photo of nearly any address on earth. For example: here is my house (mine is actually the 8th house from the left on the top row of houses).

What scares me about this is that Microsoft was able to get access to a database of images with a resolution of one meter. One meter! That is accurate enough that my neighbor would show up if she was laying in her backyard (admittedly as a 2 pixel dot, but still sort of scary)! And that is the unclassified data that anyone can get. I shutter to wonder at what sort of resolution the secret-level stuff is measured at.

Day Light Saving Time

I love Day Light Saving Time during the fall, but during the Spring it is a bummer. Like most of my peers, I have spent most of my teen/early adult years in a state of almost constant sleep deprivation, so the loss of even a single hour is a really big deal for me. It's 9:24 pm here right now, and I feel like a small truck hit me.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Lawn Care

Having a lawn is a hassle. I forgot how much they are a hassle until I had to mow ours today again. Thats right: I mowed the lawn in March. Last year, I finally put the lawn mower away at the end of November. So that means that I have to mow the lawn every week for all but 3 months out the year. I try to tell myself that I get some sort of satisfaction out of making my home prettier, but it is not working. Whats worse, I was not mowing my grass really. No, all I was doing was moving down the weeds to keep them a roughly the same level as the dead grass:)

And now, deep thoughts with Eric Wilson: When I am cutting grass (or trimming anything for that manner), it always makes me think of what a metephor trimming grass is for our own society. What I mean is, society is constantly trying to make everyone the same. Look the same, act the same, talk the same. Heck, I find myself doing the same thing all the time. Everytime I see some punk in the mall with pink hair and pants big enough for 8 people, I wonder why he can't just dress like a normal person (and by normal person, I mean dress like me).

Friday, April 02, 2004

Its all down hill from here.

The other day I was thinking to myself that every birthday after turning 21 is just a let down. Before 21, birthdays either give you new privileges (driving, voting, smoking, drinking, gambling, etc.) or get you one year closer to one of these new privileges. After 21, what do I have to look forward to? Getting old. As Moe on the Simpsons once said, "No offense Homer, but old people can't do anything good."

Plus, I have noticed that I get a LOT less presents as I have gotten older. Part of that is of course the fact I am getting better / more expensive presents, but another part is that people are just not as excited about getting older folks presents. What would you prefer, that look of utter joy in the eyes of a child that just got a new lego set, or the look of slight boredom that our generation is famous for...

Car Repair

On Thursday night, I changed the brake pads on my car. Despite the fact it took me two hours and a run to Home Depot in the middle to get a C-Clamp that I did not have (and did not know that I needed to have until I gave my dad a call), there was a good deal of satisfaction is fixing it myself:) I AM rather embarrassed that at least twice I was sure that I was never going to be a loosen one of the nuts, only to discover to my dismay that was turning it the wrong way....sigh.....

Hopefully, now that I have done this once, the next time won't take me so long. I have to say that having a father that was a car mechanic is definitely a plus. And I don't feel bad calling him for help. I mean, its not like he does not call me for computer advice. Same thing, right?

I wish knowledge of computers was considered as cool as knowledge of a car. For one, I would have been a hell of a lot cooler in High School. I mean, I understand the basic theory of how everything work in a car. I just don't know how to apply it:) I'm sure my old man is the same way with computers. He knows that he should be able to perform some action with a computer, he just does not know the series of steps that will cause that the action to occur.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

And now some words from Sue....

I wanted to put in my own two sense in some of the topics that Eric wrote about and add some of my own.

1. I agree with the fact that techno is cooler than I once thought. We sit and listen to it at night a lot now while we are doing homework or I am studying and Eric is playing on the computer. It usually keeps us awake for a long time. It makes you want to dance and jump around. :) Thanks again to Paul, Sue, Sebastian, and Ernesto for introducing us to good techno on the web and on their discs. The DJ's at the club we went to were ok, but our friends said that they have heard better. I am still a newbie to it.

2. Most of what Eric said about organized religion, I agree with. Living down here in super Baptist land has made me long for the North. I long for more liberal people or even just a simple democrat. There are some towns down here where the white people have scared all of the black people from their town, the preachers own the town and make the rules, and the preachers even sit at the place where the people vote and tell them how to vote! How ludicrous is that? I have spoken to some locals about this and a girl I know was convincing my friend not to buy a summer home in this one town (I won't mention names) because of all of the above reasons. I think that since we have moved down here that I have definitely surpassed Eric in being cynical. I am so against organized religion, particularly the Christian groups. One of my BIG pet peeves are super religious people that believe they are the only ones that are right because they are closed minded and then they try to push their religion on me and others. I have really seen this down here. In one of my classes in a fairly good sized, public university, a student spoke out in class when we were talking about how to care for AIDS patients and what he said really shocked me. The teacher asked what we need to do for a pretend patient in a case study from our book that happened to mention that this patient was homosexual and this "boy" (not a man) said really loud that he should not be gay. My mouth dropped! Luckily the teacher changed topics because the class would have gotten into a big debate. The really sad thing is that a good portion of the class agreed with him. I do not want any of these people to be nurses. They can't say things like this about patients when they are really working! Even a friend of mine that I thought I knew said that she agreed with him. She said that her God doesn't create gay people. OK. Of course not too long ago a Baptist preacher in Birmingham wrote on his churches sign that AIDS is a punishment for gay people. He said on camera that God told him to write this. I thought, hmmm, he must be schizophrenic with hallucinations and voices. I wanted to drive down their and ask him why lesbians don't get AIDS, why heterosexual people get AIDS. I wanted to tell him to go to Africa and tell the millions of women, men, and children that die every year from AIDS even though they are all heterosexual. I am curious what his reply would be. In a liberal state people would not say these things out loud. Isn't a big message in the bible that one should not judge, less he should be judged? It is not anyone's job to judge anyone for what they live by as long as they are not hurting anyone. If these people believed in a God they would leave this to their God. Is my cynicism coming across? My thought is that most of the super religious freaks are very boring and don't live life they way they should. Live your life to the fullest and experience everything you can since you only live once! Anyway I will move on since I could write all day about this.

3. I want to say that I disagree greatly with our current president and I hope for the good of our country that he is not re-elected. He keeps throwing bait to the people and they are blinded by his evilness. He began this war without support and so many US soldiers have died so far and many more will follow, he has not done anything to help our economy even though he claims he did, he is vocally discriminating against a group of Americans by denying homosexuals marriage, he is using 9/11 for his re-election even though he has not helped terrorism one bit, he has no regard for the environment, he is a big business tycoon that is in it for greed and power, he has overspent the federal budget without money allocated for medicare and health even though tons of baby boomers are going to need healthcare very soon, he is only president because of who his daddy is, and he banned stem cell research because he is so dumb that he probably doesn't even know what he is talking about. Since when did Bush become a Priest since all he does lately is preach to us and make laws that are bible friendly. What more can I say. I am such a democrat, but I am so anti-Bush.

4. The main point is that I can not get out of the state of Alabama soon enough. Need to go north! I am hoping that we will leave in a year or two. Ohio is looking pretty damn good compared to this place. A state that screws themselves by voting down a tax increase even though the state is poor is a pretty slow one. Being in nursing I feel bad for all of the people that will be kicked out of nursing homes and assisted living because there is no money for medicaid which is state funding. I also feel bad for the kids since education is also feeling the ax. When kids have to buy their own books and classroom supplies, that is pretty bad.

Boot Tonight

Got an invite to play Durango Boot again tonight (so those who have never played, check out: boot rules). Its a Frisbee game, but nothing like ultimate Frisbee except that you cannot run if you have the Frisbee.

Really cool game, and a great way to get in shape since you spend most of the game running. Last time my legs were sore for 4 days afterwards (although I blame that on having no physical activity for the last 4 months or so):) Hopefully I can convince the guys that we should make this a regular thing. I'm not bad at the running or catching, but I throw like a one armed monkey. Actually, I think that is an insult to one armed monkeys. Most of the guys I know could probably throw straighter if you tied the Frisbee to their johnson and spun like a shot-putter.