Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Black Jelly Beans

I was just sitting in my kitchen digging through our jelly bean bag when I thought struck me: Why do they still make black jelly beans? We are getting down to the end of the bag, and those are now the majority of what is left. I swear that I have NEVER met a person you likes black jelly beans. I challenge all four readers of this blog to name me ONE person who does likes black jelly beans!

Monday, March 28, 2005

BBC Radio

I'm listening to the "Radio 1's Dance Anthems with Dave Pearce " stream from the BBC Radio 1's Dance stream list. It's pretty good in terms of music, although it is a little light on the hard trance and hard house that I like. Also, since it is just the recording of the actual transmission it has a lot of random U.K. folks calling in giving shout outs to people I have never met and never will.

But that is not the point of this post. The point of this post is that while we all know that the ladies of America find the British accent very sexy, I never realized just how sexy that same accent is on a woman. Every time one of the women calling into this show says the word "knickers", it gives me that happy tingle for some reason... :) Anyone else have this feeling? Or am I just a traitor to my own linguistic heritage? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm from the Midwest, an area that is universally recognized as having no accent whatever (Ok, ignoring the UP and Coach Z's home state).

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Quizes You'll Enjoy Taking

I am 40% Geek.
Geek? Yes, but at least I got social skills.
You probably work in computers, or a history deptartment at a college. You never really fit in with the "normal" crowd. But you have friends, and this is a good thing.

I am 63% Video Game Addict.
I have a Video Game Problem
Video games are a big portion of my life, maybe too big of a portion. They are not a means of social interaction, despite what I might think. I should just go outside.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Another Political Post

Sorry, but I cannot resist this one, despite the fact that no one ever responds to them.

Bush: U.S. to Sell F-16s to Pakistan

Yet another example of the hypocrisy which is the Bush administration. We strive to promote democracy and freedom throughout the world......but only in countries where it is convenient to do so. Pakistan is headed by a military dictator that has repeatedly reneged on promises to hold free elections. They have developed nuclear weapons. The head of their nuclear development program sold all the knowledge to every third world crackpot on the earth who would pay. They were originally cut off from buying F-16s after the first Bush decided that they may be building nuclear weapons. Now that we are certain that they have them, we let them buy a delivery vehicle? How screwed up is that logic?

Friday, March 25, 2005

Religion, Politics, and the Easter Beagle

A friend of mine at work sent me the following quote today after we had a rather heated debate the day earlier about the state of the judiciary and religious rights:

By Mark Alexander: "However, if atheists have standing because atheism is properly understood as a religion, then why is their demand that it be the only officially permissible public practice not itself a constitutionally banned establishment of atheism as the government's official religion? Either godlessness is or isn't a religious faith. To our way of thinking, either atheists cannot legitimately sue on religious liberty grounds, or atheism itself must be as constrained as other faiths."

This got me thinking about a bunch of things. Atheism is not a religion. The claim that they want atheism to be "the only officially permissible public practice" does not make any sense, because of course Atheism HAS no practices. There are no ceremonies, no religious texts, no anything. Its not a religion any more than, say, everyone you know named Bob or all the registered Democrats are a religion.

By the way, exact text of the First Amendment says, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

I read that and it says to me "Congress shall not pass a law that forces me to acknowledge one religion over a another" and "Congress shall not pass a law that forbids me from acknowledging one religion over a another". Both are in accordance with the way the courts have consistently applied the constitution (at least in my mind). School prayer is an excellent example. The courts have always ruled that you can pray in school. What you cannot do is have the teacher lead the prayer, because that would imply that the state somehow acknowledges what God you are praying to more than some other God. Again, they are never saying you cannot have a religion. You just can't have the government (federal or state) imply that one religion is better than the other.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

A few reviews

First of all, I bought The Sims 2 University expansion when it first came out about a month ago and I have finally gotten to really play it. It is great! You can send your teenage sims to college and play them without aging. They just proceed through college years as Frosh, soph, etc. They added a few new jobs through the majors which is cool like paranormal and showbiz. I love the Sims. I have been playing Sims since it first came out a few years ago and I love Sims 2. That is something else that Eric did not mention, I love video games and I like to watch him play games too. I was thinking of playing some World of Warcraft soon since that game rocks!

When Eric was in Iowa, I rented Bridget Jones 2: The edge of reason and Finding Neverland. They were pretty good movies. Bridget Jones was hilarious! I love the character of Bridget Jones and Renee Zellweger does a great job playing her. Finding Neverland was a sweet little movie, but interesting too. It is based on the true events of how Peter Pan was first written by the playwrite James Barrie. It is a sweet story about James Barrie teaching some children how to use there imagination when they have had to grow up to soon in their lives. Of course Johnny Depp is in it and he is fun to look at! :) Kate Winslet is in it too and I also like her.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

News from Iowa

That's right, I am in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this week. Not quite the same level of excitement as a trip to Vegas. I think my company secretly knew they were going to have to send me here, so they decided to let me go to Vegas last week just to make it not seem so bad. Although actually, their plan failed horribly. Comparing this place to Las Vegas just makes it all the worse.

But I have to give suitable props to the Hampton Inn that I am staying in. First, they give out fresh baked cookies at 6:00pm! They have a hot continental breakfast. They have wireless internet in every room! I mean, if this place was not in Iowa I would seriously consider living here:)

Also, I have to say that I really miss the Midwest. I got off the plane here and it was about 50 degrees. Man did that feel right for some reason. Between that and the horrible roads everywhere, it ALMOST felt like I was home again.

Monday, March 21, 2005

My wife is AWESOME

Today Sue baked cookies, mowed the backyard, weeded, did a load of laundary, and managed to have dinner with me at Olive Garden. What saint did I save from oncoming traffic to get me such a wonderful woman?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

News from Vegas: Part 2

Well, as promised almost all of Thursday was a blur of drinking and screaming at the top of my lungs to rock music. Gosh darn it I love Vegas (I would have swore in that sentence, but I was afraid God would smite me if I committed any more sins in relation to all the fun I had on Thursday).

I'm not sure I have EVER been that drunk in my life. We started at about 8pm and I did not stop until 4:30am the next morning. Combine that with basically no dinner and you can see why I was completely toasted by the end of it all. I was so drunk my vision was blurry and even escalators where difficult to navigate (that whole depth perception thing was tough). I was so far ahead as the pace car that I think I lapped several of my co-workers (with the exception of Steve. He drank like a pro).

For those who know Steve, you will never believe just how crazy he was. Yeah that's right, the straight laced, religious conservative father of soon to be two from Alabama was drinking and yelling at the stage like he was still in college at a Smashing Pumpkins concert. He got two free shots from the bartender just because he was having more fun than most of the folks in that bar! I also managed to snag one for myself. I would have had more I am sure but I kept leaving with people I just met in the bar to get fresh air or pee or get some food or whatever.

I meet a bunch of cool people while I was there:

- First, I meet a girl named Ryan. My first thought was that her parents clearly hated her. When I asked her if any guys had ever yelled her name out during sex, she just smiled and told me "yeah, they get used to the fact that they are yelling a guys name I guess":) It probably helped that she had that sexy girl next door look going on.

- Met a guy at the bar from South Dakota who bought me a beer just because I said hello. I've already forgotten his name.

- Met a girl named Joy that changed my opinion of girls named Joy for the better. She was up on the bar more times than anyone else in the bar. Plus I have to respect any woman who demanded we drink a Guinness at midnight on St. Patrick's day.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

News from Vegas

So I'm in Vegas this week for the MPUC conference for work. The conference itself is boring as all get out. There aren't even any booth babes! How can you have a conference without booth babes?

- Its next to impossible to describe Las Vegas to someone who has never been here. Some of the hotels here cost upwards of one billion dollars to build. That is more than the yearly GDP of the poorest 24 countries in the world.

- Yesterday we were walking through the Aladdin and we saw a guy with seven show girls in a large box holding a sign that said, "Donate if you like show girls and children". Apparently he had been in there for seven days without food and water.

- Poker has sucked for me thus far. I've been playing Texas Holdem at the Exclaibar because they have the cheapest tables around. So far I am down $103:(

- My collection of stripper/hooker trading cards is growing quite rapidly. I think have the entire Las Vegas team now. We were walking behind some random people the other day and they were talking about the fact that they had collected a lot of pairs. I just had to ask if he meant that statement to have a double meaning.

Since today is St. Patricks day, the plan is to get a LOT of drinking in tonight. Can't wait for the day after:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"This ain't a love song..." wait, yes it is!

You know how I love to post lyrics. They are my poetry. Since I am in a mushy mood already (see below) I figured why not?
"After her" (original lyrics for satellite)
By:Dave Matthews
sun will shine no matter what I do
sun shines bright now with you
what a wonderful thing for you to do
moon shine bright reflection in your eyes
a finer place he could not find
winter's cold spring erases
and the calm away by the storm is chasing
everything good needs replacing
hope all these changes happen with you
in my life never before have I lover so adored
her eyes her hair everything she says
my delight can tickle me inside
touch my heart touch my mind
no matter what's inside I'll give to her
no need to satisfy my hunger lost in her
and while I spend these hours
five senses reading
with biggest steps I'm running
after her I will run
winter's cold spring erases
and the calm away by the storm is chasen
everything good needs replacing
hope all these changes happen with you
sun will shine no matter what I do
sun shines bright now with you
touch my heart touch me through
no matter what's inside I'll give to her
no need to satisfy my hunger lost in her
and while I spend these hours
five senses reading
with biggest steps I'm running
after her I will run
after her
after her
after her

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Late night thoughts...

Hello. It has been a while since I have had a chance to blog. They are keeping me so busy this semester! I am just tired and I cannot wait for spring break next week so I can just rest and do some fun things!

While Eric has been in Vegas this week for work, I rented some movies to watch that Eric didn't want to see. Tonight I watched "The Notebook". What can I say? It was a great movie and I have not seen a movie like it in a long time that has actually touched me. I am not a girly girl, I don't cry at movies. This one got me. It is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. It is a love story. Two young people fall in love. They are from different worlds, she's rich, he's a working man. They break up since she is going to college far away and her mom lies to her about his letters he wrote her. Years go by and they meet again and re kindle lost love. They end up together, but they show the man as an old man reading their love story to his old wife who has alzheimers and can't remember their life. It is so beautiful. He reads the story of their love everyday so that she will remember their life for 5 minutes. Then she breaks down and doesn't know who he is and she has to be sedated. It hurts him when he loses her again, but he wants to be with her and so he does the same thing everyday. How sweet! The ending is the best and I won't give it away in case you want to watch it, but that is how it should be. Well, now I will continue listening to romantic music and think about my love so far away until I can sleep.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Boeing CEO Money Shot Not Quite As Expected

CNN: Boeing CEO out in sex scandal

The current CEO of Boeing was forced out yesterday due to a "an improper relationship with a female executive". Makes you wonder how improper it would have to be to get the CEO canned. Boeing had $13 billion in revenue last quarter. When you are raking that kind of dough, I'm thinking a little tryst in a hotel room is not going to be enough to get you fired.

So what is the threshold? I mean, is screwing her on the company jet enough? (its Boeing, so they probably have one for each guy on the board anyways). To quote Kevin Smith, "fucking her in a very uncomfortable place"? I'm thinking it is something less than taking her in reverse cowgirl while she services the entire mechanic union in her mouth, and more than dressing her up in those cute airline stewardess outfits and forgetting to clean the money shot off the apron.

Speaking of money shots, this dude will lose a $2.3 million dollar a year job for this little "relationship". Even if they had a "relationship" every day for 2 years and 4 months he has been running the company, that is an EXPENSIVE woman. Hope she was worth $6,301 a day. Did you know that in the UK, that same service is only $150 a day?

UN is officially Worthless

Man, I love these Republicans...

Bush Nominates UN Critic Bolton as UN Envoy

This is hilarious on a number of levels:

Level 1 - There are 280+ million folks in the U.S.A. Couldn't you find ONE person in that whole group who actually LIKED the UN? Or at least did not publicly say that if the UN "lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference"?

Level 2 - How hypocritical is it to say the above, then go work there and stress your "support for effective multilateral diplomacy"? I feel like we should be doing The Princess Bride: "You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean".

Level 3 - When I first read that title I thought, "Fuck we are doomed! Michael Bolton will have every country in the world after us with those cheesy 80's pop songs of his..."

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Favorite Easter Candy

My favorite Easter candy by far are Mini Cadbury Eggs. God damm are they delicious!

What is your favorite Easter treat?

Friday, March 04, 2005

I Love Tech

Today I went to the Post Office to mail a letter for Sue that needed more than the usual 32 cent stamp. As always, the place is packed with at least 10 or so people in line ahead of me because (1) lets face it, the Post Office is a very happening place, and (2) working at the post office seems to sap nearly all will to move from anyone foolish enough to accept employment there.

But then as if a gift from heaven, I spotted a automated US Postal Kiosk in the corner of the building that no was using. A minute later I was out the door, letter mailed, with a line of folks wondering if they too should brave the uncaring machine or the equally uncaring postal employees.

What the f$%k is wrong with people that they are so scared of technology? Seriously? I love that stuff. Anything that means I do not have to wait on the incompetence of others makes me a happy guy.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Temporarily out of service

I'm sick today. I feel like I'm working on 1 hour of sleep. Stupid f$%king flu. I blame Sue and that cest pool of folks she has to care for everyday. What's with all these people who get sick and go to the hospital anyways? :)

Update: I went to the gym today for just 40 minutes or so, and it really did seem to make me feel better.