Thursday, November 29, 2007

Think of the Little People

Below is a picture of my hotel room's door here in Atlanta. These guys think of EVERYTHING!

Hotel door with midget peep hole

Monday, November 26, 2007

You know those 747s that NASA uses to move the shuttle from where ever it lands back to Kennedy Space Center? Here is a link to a picture of the mount used to attached the Shuttle to the 747:

Apparently the guys who built it had a good sense of humor.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Photo's From Mike and Joyce's Wedding

Puppan Wedding Photo Slideshow

Update: Changed the title to include Joyce!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Man Hugs

I love this video. Although they show it, they forgot to mention the all important "no crotch touching" rule. Only your sholders should touch.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas is the Time for..

giving, and receiving, and loving your fellow man, and.....

Mint Chocolate M&Ms!

Oh my God do I love mint chocolate M&Ms. I love them so much that right around New Years, I will start hording them so that I can enjoy them for a few more months (this is really true). Yesterday I bought 4 bags just in case there was a huge run on them or something. And each year when I get down to the end of that last bag...well...I go through the full seven stages of grief.

Disbelief: "No worries. I'm sure there is another bag in the house -or- I'm sure they are still selling them at the store"

Denial: "NO!!! There must be another bag somewhere in the house! Where is it?!?!?!?!"

Anger: "Why the fuck don't they make these all year?!?!? WHY?!?!?! DAMN YOU MARS CANDY FOR THIS!"

Bargaining: "I'm sorry MARS. I swear I will never curse your name again if you can just make me a few more bags to get me through the year."

Guilt: "Why didn't I stock up on more bags?!?!?!? Why didn't I eat them just a little slower??"

Depression: "Guess I'll just go back to regular M&Ms. <long sigh>. No, I'm fine. I just want to be left alone for a few days. You might want to take all the sharp items from the room though. And these shoelaces. Just in case..."

Acceptance: "Just think: the Christmas season is starting earlier every year. Soon, I will be able to get them in July!"

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ramblings #8

Still bored. Still in Atlanta.

Jimmy Eat World is not the best band in the world, but I think they have made one of all time favorite songs of all time: My Sundown

Listen to the song first before reading on.

If you can listen to the line "I could be so much more than this....No one cares...I wanna be so much more than this" (starts around 4:00 minute mark) and not feel...well...something, then you are a dead robot. Sorry, but it's the truth.

Every time I hear this song, I feel this urge get out and do something to change the fucking world. I think it is because, deep down, I know that everything I do these days has no bearing on the world. I mean, my last job was great for at least giving me this feeling that, for better or worse, I was having a real honest to god effect on the world through work. And despite what I told people at the time, I think I really liked what my job meant to me: helping (in whatever small way) to rid the world of some really horrible people.

Now what do I do? I fucking help a group like In Touch Ministries process magazine orders faster so that they can process 10,000 orders a day by mail instead of just 5,000. I want to hurt myself for that. In Touch processes so much money through book and magazine orders, not to mention straight up donations that they can afford to have their own TV and radio studios on site, a print design group, warehouse, and do all their own mailing processing in house. I think about how much money I am looking at just in the construction of their offices here and our software ($250,000+ just for our system) and I just can't help but think this money could really be used for something better. Sometime more Christan (if I even know what that means anymore).

It sucks having these feelings........Who needs a drink?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Late night blog

Or early morning blog. It depends on your point of view I guess.

I'm in Atlanta for work just sitting in my hotel thinking about nothing. TV sucks. Internet isn't cutting it. I can't sleep. So I blog.

And you know what I am thinking about? Something that has divided men since it was first invented. Something that can stir men to the greatest of feats and the lowest of low acts. I'm talking, of course, about the push up bra.

Yep: push up bras.

Some men hate the push up bra. They see it as a form of false advertising. Either you got em or you don't, in these men's minds. No fair pretending you do when you don't.

Not me. I love the push up bra. To me, it says, "I have breasts and I want to put them up high so that EVERYONE can see them." Nothing wrong with that! Healthy self conscience is good for you after all. Who doesn't like the idea of a woman who wants you to oogle her breasts? (Of course, they say they don't want you to look. But they do. Why push them up/together otherwise?)

Your thoughts?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Christmas Lights Already?!?!?!?!


My neighbor put up Christmas lights today! And I can see in his upstairs window that he already has his Christmas tree up!


Everyone knows you put Christmas lights up no earlier than the day after Thanksgiving. Its like the law or something.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Ah, that is better...

Eric and I were in dire need of a club night with some great electronic music pumping. Last night we went to the Bleu Room to see Armin Van Buuren, the best fucking DJ in the entire world!! He rules! We saw him in April at Bal en blanc and we wanted to see him again. Ah, we feel better now that we got our taste of great techno music and we shook our booties all night long. It does not hurt that Armin is also a cutie and he always looks like he is having a great time too. He is very audience interactive!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Smoking is Bad for your Breasts

I now have a new MOST important reason ladies should not smoke: saggy breasts!

From the article:

They examined each patient's medical history, body mass index, pre-pregnancy bra cup size, and smoking status. What they found was that the degree of breast ptosis was no different in women who breastfed compared to those who did not. They did find that the degree of ptosis was related to age, the number of pregnancies, and whether or not a patient smoked.

"Smoking breaks down a protein in the skin called elastin, which gives youthful skin its elastic appearance and supports the breast... so it would make sense that it would have an adverse effect on the breasts", Dr. Rinker concluded.

After reading this, I will NEVER encourage women to smoke again. In fact, if you see me run up to a woman smoking and steal her cigarettes while shouting "YOUR BREASTS WILL THANK ME LATER!", you'll know why.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What the heck happened to the Sun?

What the heck happened to the Sun? I swear it was setting around 7:00 until today. All of the sudden it's 6:00pm and pitch black outside. Bah...

Work is in one of those lull before the big storm moments (I'll be in Atlanta the next two weeks to install beta software), and I never know how to fill these lulls. With Sue gone, I had one of those depressed, sit in my office by myself, and resist the urge to look for pictures of people doing things my mother would not approve of days, read all the blogs I can find, and write email all day. I HATE THESE DAYS.

Give me something to do! LOTS TO DO! I feed off that sense of accomplishment during work when I hit the run button and see some new widget that I built with only my brain and 2 hands come to life on my screeen. Without I feel bored, guilty (for not doing anything), and generally worthless.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Recap of last weekend

I have been slow on the blogging recently. The last two weeks were crazy busy between work, Mike and Joyce's wedding stuff and family stuff. Last Friday was the wedding. It was tons of fun. I think Eric and I are the only two that used a real film camera so our pics will come back later. Of course the battery died before the bride came down the aisle :( , so most are from the reception. The wedding was beautiful and Eric and I actually got to walk down the aisle (not together) so that we could pin and rope the bride and groom. Filipino weddings are kinky:)

The reception was a lot of fun. Our table (Nick, Nicole, me, Eric, Monica, Jeff) was right next to the bar so we were never thirsty. Of course Jen, Jay, Dominic and Robert were at the table behind us too, more friends!! The food was great! The music was fun. Of course Eric and I are always the king/queen of line dances of all kinds. We should hire ourselves out to keep dance floors hopping ;) What can we say, we love to dance. It was the reason we first got together.

We were very drunk. We went to the after party and we had to keep hopping hotel rooms cause we kept getting yelled at. It was fun though. Note:Pam help, I cannot get that song out of my head, you know which one :)

Saturday night we had a Halloween party with friends from my job. Eric went as a tattoed Miami ink guy and I went as a make believe, non real witch. It was fun. We drank a lot again. I drank more cause Eric drove. There were alot of creative costumes but ADD Eric only took a million pics of me. Eric lost a game of beer pong to a drunk mummi and his partner pot leaf even though his partner was Jesus! It was funny. There were 3 Britney Spears. One Pregnant white trash, one bald, one cute innocent. Very funny.

Sunday was spent recovering from hangovers :) All in all a great weekend. Monday Eric had to go to Wisconsin for 3 days and I had to work those 3 days. Bah. Sounds like he drank some more though.

Congrats to Mike and Joyce again!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Our house is officially on quarantine.

I've been so sick the last two days. I should have written blogs about Mike's wedding and our Halloween party and my trip to Wisconsin. Between the three I was drunk 3 out of four days in a row. (What am I? In college?). Instead, all you get is this lame blog about how I am sick with the flu. I could have made it 4 out 5 if it wasn't for hiding in my room the last night in Wisconsin praying that I would not die.

I don't feel well enough to do anything except the following:

1) cudddling up under the blanket on the couch claiming that I am freezing to death.

2) Wake up an hour later sweating like a hooker in chruch.

3) Eat soup.

4) goto step 1.

At least I managed to get Sue sick too. Misery loves company:)

And I know it is wrong, but I'm taking some joy thinking that at least some of those smart ass 13 year old kids you came here last night for candy are now feeling as crappy as I do.