Friday, February 29, 2008

Tell me you Love Lost

Sue and I have just finished the first season of the HBO series Tell Me You Love Me. I generally like the show's deep characters and interesting take on married life, but it has a tendency to have these really unnecessarily long / uncomfortable sex scenes. Its hard to describe, but imagine if late night Cinemax skin flicks actually had deep characters and a plot and some interesting things to point out about the world.

The best part is that Sonya Walger is on the show. That's both really good and really bad.

Its good because:

  • She is incredibly hot.
  • She is desperate for a baby, so she is constantly seducing her husband to do her.
Its bad because:
  • She also plays Penelope on Lost. I cannot watch Lost without picturing the Penelope character totally naked. Do you know how hard it is to take anyone's dramatic scenes seriously when you are picturing them naked?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spoiler Alert

You know how I keep telling everyone, "I'm just not sure how a Democract can lose this year..."

I remember now:

CNN: Ralph Nader enters presidential race

Review: Neuromancer

I just finished reading Neuromancer by William Gibson, a classic sci-fi book from 1984 that pratically defined cyberpunk as a genre.

This is what books are supposed to be: deep, thought provoking, with intricate plots and even more intricate sub plots. If you like cyberpunk at all, I would recommend you go pick up a copy of this book (or just borrow mine). Also, according to IMDB they are making a movie of this book for release in 2009 that will star Hayden Christensen, so you know that will suck. Trust me that you want to read the book instead before that ruins your outlook on it.

Useless trivia: Neuromancer is where we got the word "cyberspace" from, widely used to describe the internet.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gamer Comic FTW!

Ctrl-alt-del is a hilarious web comic with both really good art and really funny comics. If you are a gamer and you're not already reading this, get with the program already!

Start with this one and read until at least the current comic to get a feel for it:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Everyone gets to be a Victim

CNN Video - Shooter's girlfriend: 'He was a victim, too'

Text version

This is what is wrong with America. Everyone is a fucking victim.

If you walk into a crowded hall and randomly shot six people for NO FUCKING REASON and then kill yourself, I REFUSE to classify you as a victim.

And then she has to gall to say about the families of the slain victims, "I know what they're going through". What a fucking ego-nut. You're boyfriend just killed someone's son or daughter and you are going to pretend that because you were dating their killer for 2 years you know what that is like?

Events like this make me think gun control laws either need to be much stronger or we should just get rid of them all together. This half ass crap we have now is a joke.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bob and Bella on the web

As part of Pedigree's yearly adoption drive, they have formed this mosaic made out of dog pictures. Anyone can add their pooch to it. I added Bob and Bella to it and it is pretty cool to check out. All of the individual pics make a large dog picture.

Bob's code: bob16
Bella: bella113

A Rose by Any Other Name...

Sue: "What's the male equivalent of roses on Valentines day?"

Me: "Beer. Or maybe tools."

What do you think the equivalent is?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sex Toys Available in Texas again

Detroit Free Press: Federal appeals court overturns Texas sex toys ban

Can someone explain to me why a state was trying to tell people what they could / could not put in any of their holes in the privacy of their homes in the first place?

Personally, I fully believe that a "Right to Insert Things" should have been listed in the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Guess I know what my next letter writing campaign will be about:)

Random Trivia: Of course, Alabama is now the only state in the Union where the sale the sex toys is illegal. The lady suing the state to get back the right to sell them owns a "sex shop" in Huntsville, AL that Sue and I used to visit from time to time (mostly for gag and 3rd anniversary gifts).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fate of TV

The New York Times has an nice summary article up about which shows will get any new episodes before the fall now that the writers strike is over:

NY Times: Strike Fallout - A Complete Guide To How Your Favorite Shows Are Affected

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

People Who Should Not Be Allowed to Vote

Super Tuesday Not For Bexar Voters

From the article:

SAN ANTONIO -- All the talk about Super Tuesday apparently caused confusion for many voters in Bexar County.

More than 1,000 calls poured into the Bexar County Elections Department on Monday from voters wanting to know where they could vote in Tuesday's primary.

Problem is -- Texas isn't holding a primary on Tuesday, like more than 20 states are.

I'm being 100% serious here: If you are not smart enough to determine when your primary is scheduled for, we should take away your voter registration card right now and BURN it.

Update: Sue pointed out to me when she got home that it is "Super Fat Tuesday!"

Monday, February 04, 2008 Beaver

In case you forgot to check it out after the Super Bowl: Danica Patrick Exposed

I can see why that was rejected by FOX :)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Lost Again

Lost started up again this week, and as always I feel like a complete idiot while I'm watching the show.

I found this image of the black light map with all the text filled in on the map, just to make me feel even dumber:

Original Map

Map with Text filled in

Does anyone have ANY idea what the hell is going on?