Saturday, March 31, 2007

Local Woman Assualted

In local news today, a large candle and it's stand have been charged with assault on a Michigan woman. Police say the large candle and its partner were resting on top of the couple's bedroom headboard when they decided to attempt to kill the home's occupants, a Mr and Mrs Wilson. The candle and stand fell approximently 5' and landing a mere 3 inches from the head of Mrs Wilson.

Candle and Stand
Candle and Stand

Police say they are still looking in a motive, but believe jealously may have played a role in these tragic events. Mrs Wilson was having really great sex at the time, and it is possible that the candle/stand duo became so enraged with jealousy they decided to try and end the life of Ms Wilson.

Said Mrs Wilson, "Even though I nearly died, it was worth it. Mr. Wilson is the greatest lover ever".

If convicted, the candle will be burned to death.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Bal en Blanc FTW!

The Wilson Tag Team will be celebrating Easter this year by attending Bal en Blanc in Montreal, one of the best trance and house parties on the continent.

Nothing like hard trace and house music to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus:) If only I didn't have to dress in all white. Stupid conforming rules. I thought techno music was all about dressing like a complete freak and being an individual and all that:)

P.S. Kudos to our buddy Sebastian for coming up with a way to get us there on the cheap!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Music I Like

After my rant the other day about top 20 music sucking, I think I better point out some current music I like. If for no other reason than to remove the taint of "old guy angry at everything changing" my favorite high school friend Kelly has bestowed on both of us.

In no particular order:

Bright Eyes - Lover I don't have to Love - I happen to catch the video for this song on MTV, MTV 2, MTV 3 whatever MTV channel actually plays videos these days. The video was so simple, yet I found myself mesmerized by the lyrics. They have sort of a Violent Femes sound to them, which I happen to also like. You can watch the video on youtube. Go watch it right now. I mean it. Right now. I actually feel sad for people who haven't heard it yet. Its that good. Seriously. DO IT! Bitch...

Fall Out Boy - Fantastic stuff. Their latest CD is even better than their previous one. Both have been in my rotation for several months now. Though I am really starting to get sick of their Arm's Race song. Please release another song from the CD!

My Chemical Romance - I've come around to these guys again lately. Their newest album isn't great start to finish, but it has some really great stuff and overall I like it. Black Parade is another song that has been played WAY too much lately

Three Days Grace - I LOVE these guy's music. If you like hard rock music even a little, pick up their CD One-X. Its fantastic start to finish.

Hinder - Excellent self hating, dark music. Although I joke with people that their first single "Lips of an Angel" was created after someone bet him he couldn't make people like a song about a guy thinking of cheating with his ex-girlfriend.

Shakira & Beyonce - Beautiful Liar - OK, I admit this is a weird addition. I'm going to admit something here I have never admitted to anyone. I like Shakira's music. There I said it:) I know that's not befitting of someone as into Angry White Music (tm) as I claim to be, but I do. I just dig her voice.

Random Comic of the Day

I'm Rick James, Bitch!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Darwin hard at work

Man Killed Trying To Steal Copper Wire

This guy in Detroit was killed today after he tried to steal copper wire from a high voltage line using a metal ladder and bolt cutters. They mentioned on the news he took almost 8000 volts from this little criminal endeavour. Favorite quote:

" is thought he was dead at the scene."

Gee, you think?!?!?!

All for $3/lb copper wire. This sort of brilliant scheme reminds me of Lex Luther. Except without the whole "evil genius" part to get in the way. Oh, and also the whole "being alive" part now too:)

Well done retard. One less moron to have to deal with in this world.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Top 20 Suck More Then Usual

Has anyone noticed that top 20 music sucks even more than usual lately? XM's Top 20 station has some really HORRIBLE music on a constant loop. Stuff like:

Gym Class Heroes - Cupid's Chokehold - Sweet god this song makes me want to stab my ears drums out. Its the sort of song a 14 year old would write. With lyrics like, "She's got a smile that would make the most senile annoying old man bite his tongue", I really want to meet the music exec who found this group. So I can PUNCH HIM IN THE BALLS!

Akon - Smack that - I don't get the attraction of this song. Even the chorus, the hook of the whole song, is ridiculous. How can you possible sing, "Maybe go to my place and just kick it, like Taebo" with a straight face?

Mims - This Is Why I'm Hot - Music is not repeating the same pharse over and over again. That's what people with brain damage do. For example,

"this is why im hot, this is why im hot, this is why, this is why,this is why, im hot this is why im hot, this is why im hot, this is why, this is why, this is why im hot, im hot cuz im fly, you aint cuz u not, this is why, this is why, this is why im hot im hot cuz im fly, you aint cuz u not this is this is why, this is why, this is why im hot"

is not music. Its a cry for help.

Pretty Ricky - On The Hotline - Same problem, different name.

Fergie - I don't even need to make a joke here, do I?

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Weather is back to normal here. Its snowing right now. 30 hours later and it is 40 degrees cooler outside. Typical Michgan weather.

Like we used to say when I was younger: If you don't like the weather here in Michigan, wait a day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring in Michigan

It was 75 degrees here today. 75! In March! What the hell is know what? Forget it. I'm not going to say anything bad about this. I love this weather!

Best thing so far today: I was sitting on my deck reading the paper and enjoying the weather when I hear my neighboor yell to her husband, "Eric needs your help! He's stuck in the tree again."

Ah.... to be young again and have that be my biggest worry.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Advice from the Hood

Just like the song says: Life ain't nothin but bitches and money:)

Bitches and Money

And just for the record: yes, we do have a lot of time on our hands. Also for the record: This is the only second time in my life I have ever had that much cash on me (first time was for Sue's wedding ring).

Update: Our friends Baby G and Dizzle created a awesome ytmnd of this. Check it out:

NWA and I make up

Remember my angry rant about flying and Northwest the other day? Especially that part about, "In any other industry when you fail to make a customer happy, you would reward them with something to make up for it." Well, it looks like I have to be slightly less mad now.

About 2 days after I got home, I got a letter from Northwest saying I had been credited double airline miles for the trip because of the inconvenience. So here's me: slightly less mad this evening. And now that Antonella Barba has been kicked off American Idol, I'm down right giddy. All they need to do now is send home that long haired dude Sanjaya and I will have made my peace with FOX.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Public Service Announcement

Daylight Savings Time this year starts this Sunday morning, 3 weeks early than last year. If you use a Windows computer that does not automatically run Windows Update, you should run it before this weekend to ensure your computer is updated to support this change.

For more info, see

Monday, March 05, 2007

We all could be a little better...

Earth from Space

Glacers melting

This past weekend Eric and I finally got around to watching An Inconvenient Truth. I do not care what political party you belong to: if you are human and have a heart at all you must watch this movie. At least go to the website and read about it; you can read, right? Go here for some of the science.

I also do not see why caring about the environment is a liberal issue. If you live on Earth then you should care. Ensuring your children have a world to live in is a moral issue, not a political one. If you care about the planet at all you should do something to save the planet you live on. Otherwise why bother working and building a future for yourself and why bother having kids when they won't have a planet to live on?

American's contribute more pollution than Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Africa combined. That is frightening. As humans, everyone needs to do their part and stop being lazy and selfish. The Republicans answer to this is usually, "so? I will be dead by then." Hello!!! Why are you having children and why are your children having children? I am not, but if you are Christian, this should be simple. You believe in God, God "created" Earth. I do not think he would like the fact that you destroyed his hard work. That should be a sin.

The fact is that global warming has already begun. Have you noticed how each year is a little warmer? In Michigan especially, we can tell by how much less snow falls each winter. The glaciers are disappearing. Notice all of the bigger, more frequent hurricanes, tornados and typhoons? Katrina was so huge partly because of global warming.

You can go here to see 6 pages of things that you can do. Some are simple things so there is no excuse.

I realized how bad Eric and I are in our habits. I felt awful after watching this. I know I have blogged about American car companies, but I have a new look and a new respect for Asian car companies. At least Honda and Toyota are doing something to decrease global warming because China and Japan have regulations on gas mileage to decrease emissions. Of course Americans only care about this if it saves them money. We are currently looking for a hybrid car. We only need one since Eric doesn't drive. Plus Ann Arbor is going to start up a train utilizing old rail tracks along US-23 from Brighton to the U of M hospital and eventually it will come to Howell, so I will take that to conserve energy. We replaced all of our lightbulbs with fluorescent ones to conserve energy and save money. We always shut off appliances and lights when not in use. The Mythbusters even found this to be true. We are going to switch some of our appliances to energy savers and we are going to check our insulation. Also, I am going to plant tons of trees this year. At my mom's house we always planted at least 10 trees a year, one year we planted 100. We planted one in Alabama last year ;) Of course being a Dave Matthew's fan for 13 years I have always given money to Green peace through them cause they are big contributers. There is more that we are going to do. Please help us, we are only two people...

"Because we don't think about future generations, they will never forget us." ~Henrik Tikkanen

"I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise what is there to defend?" ~Robert Redford, Yosemite National Park dedication, 1985

"Your grandchildren will likely find it incredible - or even sinful - that you burned up a gallon of gasoline to fetch a pack of cigarettes!" ~Dr. Paul MacCready, Jr.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." ~Native American Proverb

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Quotes from last week

Some random quotes from last weeks work trip:

"That's a bad example of a good example"

In response to "Why are we here again?":

"We're fighting bugs here so we don't have to fight them at home."

In response to "If only that whole Uncertainty Prinicple didn't make building a transporter impossible...":

"If we ever get one working, the first thing we are throwing in is Schrödinger's cat."