Friday, February 25, 2005

Picture Worth a Thousand Words

I scanned this off the front page of the Huntsville Times from Thursday. Does anyone but me think there must be a very amused editor somewhere?

Ok gang, time to add your favorite captions for this image. I came up with:
  1. Who doesn't?
  2. With a mouth that can open that wide, I should think so.
  3. Add another "o" to that shirt and we can talk. (Trust me that it says "Bob")

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mornings are odd

I had one of those rare mornings today where I'm driving to work, but my brain is not really turned on yet. I blame this on the switch from my usual Chocolate Covered Sugar Bombs cereal to a wholesome English muffin, but that is not the point of this blog.

Its a rather weird feeling in general when my brain is not fully keeping up with the world around me, but this morning it was particularly noticeable for some reason. I had the peculiar (at least to me) feeling that I was seeing the world outside my head a bit different this morning. Its hard to explain. You know that scene at the very end of the first Matrix movie where Reves is fighting Agent Smith in the hallway and everything seems slower to him? It was sort of like that.

I had at least two moments where I realized that I just turned into a lane where traffic might be coming from without actually looking to see if anyone was coming (or at the very least not remembering whether I looked or not). What was odd was I had a sort of disconnected thought of, "wow, I could be dead now if anyone was coming", but without the usual rush of flight or fight hormones that come along with such near misses when driving. And once I realized that I was not getting scared, it dawned on me that perhaps something was not quite right with my world view this morning. Its like I was calm and collected in a way that I am rarely in everyday life. Very weird. I might need to start sleep depriving myself on purpose to see if it can make a big difference to my outlook. Although like nearly every college student I know, I spent most of my time in college as a insomniac and I do not remember it being all that enjoyable. I certainly don't remember being all that calm (competitive N64 Golden Eye play will make you a very angry, bloodthirsty person if you let it).

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I thought I would review a few things Eric and I have purchased or seen lately.

First of all, we just got an iPod Shuffle as a belated Valentine's gift. It is a smaller version of the iPod for only $99.00! It holds 512 MB of songs. I love it since it is so small and you don't have to worry about a cd skipping if you want to go out walking with it.

Secondly, we saw the movie Constantine. It sucked. We saw all of the previews and thought that it might be good. The idea for the plot was a good idea, they just made it into a bad movie. It was boring and lame. I was glad to see Gavin Rossdale (Bush lead singer) in a movie! What a sexy rocker! Keanu Reeves just was not cool enough to make this movie good.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Chris Rock is my New Hero

According to this article, Chris Rock made the comment, "The (Oscar) awards don't really affect anybody's lives in the crowd," Rock said. "Meanwhile, the Nobel Peace Prize, there's no one there. Nobody cares what the scientists are wearing. What are you wearing Professor Allen? 'Pants!' "

Thank your God (or god, I'm not sure which it should be here. Is it correct to use the proper name here when you are referencing multiple gods? Maybe it should be "deities" or someth... Wait, lets get back to the point I was trying to make. You remember the part before the parentheses right? No. Ok, it said "Thank your God...") there is at least one guy in show biz who realizes that all the hype we as a society lavish on celebrity is a huge F&#KING WASTE OF TIME.

Oh and I liked this quote too: "Don't thank God. God's busy working on the tsunami, so leave him alone." Here here. Like God gives a shit who wins "best supporting animal actor (mammal or bird) in a play about people dealing with the horrors of being unable to afford the REALLY good coffee at Starbucks" or some other useless shit like that. He's got more important things to do, like smiting the wicked and making sure conservatives have something to complain about.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Thursday, February 17, 2005

No Hockey

I forgot to blog about this yesterday. The hockey season was officially cancelled yesterday:(

Sigh... I love hockey and I am sad to see the season cancelled. But owners have basically come out and said that they will lose less money if they cancel the season. That's not a good sign for the future of the sport. I remember that it took baseball almost 5 years just to recover to their previous attendance before their strike.

FAT (and not with a PH)

How fat are we as a nation if is selling Defibrillators to individual families?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Movie review

This past weekend Eric and I went to see the new Will Smith Flick Hitch. What a great movie! It was hilarious! Will Smith and Kevin James are very funny in this movie. Any movie that opens with two weiner dogs has to be good:) But really, if you haven't seen it and you like a good comedy then go see it. The very end has a little funny "extra" which you have to just stay and watch.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Valentine's Day

ValentIne's Day is really just an overemphasized card holiday. It is "celebrated" to make men spend tons of money on things that women don't really need but want as a sign that they are loved for at least one day out of the year. The history of it is not that romantic or happy but you can learn more about on the History Channel web site.

Still, I am a romantic at heart and I am in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man that makes me feel loved everyday. This blog is for Eric. I don't want to make anyone puke, but I believe that Eric and I are truly soul mates. It was strange but when I first met him I knew that he was the one and it was like finding that missing half of your heart. Now I don't NEED a man to make me feel whole, that is not what I am getting at, but I do believe that having that special person in your life just makes life better. I still have to say again that the secret to a good and happy marriage is laughter! We laugh everyday at least once, usually many times.

Here are the lyrics to a beautiful song by Martina McBride that sums up how I feel about my dear Eric:

Born To Give My Love To You

I don't know what brought us here
Something in the stars said you and me
I don't know where this feeling comes from
Surely it was meant to be
For I have known you even in my dreams
My eyes are open, my heart can see

CHORUS:As sure as stars light the midnight sky
As sure as children wonder why
As sure as newborn babies cry
I was born to give my love to you
Born to give my love to you

Heaven must be holding on
To all the love I'm feeling now
Here we are this is the moment
I believe it's our turn somehow
Hearts together, hands across the night
One forever, finally in sight

(REPEAT CHORUS)I was born to give my love to you
(I was born to give my love to you)
I was born to give my love to you
I was born to give my love to you

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Travel to the Mountain (Time Zone)

I'm in Phoenix again for a few days this week. All and all a very boring trip, but then again I am a boring guy so that is to be expected.

Thankfully, Boeing's incompetence with their own hardware means that I am going to get to come home two days earlier. They spent about 7 hours today trying to determine why the helicopters software would reboot every minute or so. Boring for me just sitting their hoping it would come back up, but entertaining from the point of view of watching them stand around it scratching their heads and mumbling about how "I've never seen it do this". It was like watching frustrated monkeys trying to get to a banana that was just out reach.

The finally gave up around 6:30 pm tonight. And they did not have high hopes for tomorrow either, so we are heading home rather than waste any more money. Sigh...gotta love this government work.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Superbowl Prediction

The current Vegas line is the Patriots by 7 points. I'm going to put my prediction up right here that the Patriots will win by at least 10 points.