Monday, February 05, 2007

You know what really grinds my gears?

Here's the story behind this carnage:

Well, Tuesday morning (1/30), I was riding into work and heading down hill when the car two ahead of me stopped short. The guy ahead of me stopped short (skidding a bit), but did not hit the guy in front of him. I'm a good ways back, so I congratulate myself for stopping in time too. However, no sooner after I felt triumphant than WHAM I get hit from behind, hard. This drives me into the guy in front of me. MOTHERF***ER! Now I'm pissed.

Luckily no one was hurt (btw, the couple in the car in front of me was getting married in two weeks). The guy's car that hit me, though was totaled. The cops come (eventually, first 911 call I made from my cell) and they give a ticket to the guy behind me because the couple in front of me corroborated my version of events.

Good news

  • The car wasn't totaled (I don't want a new car payment right now).
  • My insurance is not involved for the car in front of me because the damage is nonexistant and I'm pretty sure the driver had a suspended liscense so he didn't want to make waves.
  • The guy's insurance behind me is paying to fix all the damage to my car (no deductible and they will cover a rental for the week it'll be fixed) because it was totally his fault.
  • The car is drivable because, somehow the brake lights and turn signal bulbs still work.
Bad news
  • My car is all F***ed up and looks like crap with a yellow rope tying the trunk shut because numbnuts bent it so much it won't shut. It bounces a bit up and down whenever I drive over 25 MPH.
  • I've been in this byzantine hell of red tape trying to coordinate insurance companies and the body shop. Typical exchange? Insurance estimates the damage at $2800, body shop at $5800.
  • The insurance company doesn't pay to give you *new* parts, they only want to give me salvage parts from a scrap yard. I'm not gonna accept a different color trunk lid that's for damn sure.
  • It's a week later and the parts haven't even been ordered. Figure another 2 weeks minimum before it's back and fixed.

Here's some more pics that don't really capture the carnage (great band name, btw), especially because, in my anger I somehow used the Sepia button on sue's digi camera (grrr...) So, here is my old-timey looking rage:


Eric said...

That is insanely crappy. Stupid other people.

Kien said...

Insurance companies and repairmen. Both of whom make waaaaaaay too much money to haggle about this BS.

Baby G & Dizzle said...

I agree with both eric and kien, Jesus, dude. We are glad to hear everyone is safe and sound for the moment, but that is not cool at all. Eric and Sue should roll into the scrapyards and insurance places and pwn the employees all over the room! :)
Seriously, we're glad you're okay, but let us know how this pans out, okay?

Susanne said...

Hey Paulie,

Glad to see that you are ok. That sucks, but you can't stop the dumb people ;)

Anonymous said...

Paul, your car (thanks to the sepia photos) looks like a Lada in current use in Siberia somewhere, so on the positive side at least you're not driving a Lada through the Siberian backroads on your way to work in the local leaky nuclear plant.....

sue 'em, sue 'em all, as I believe you say in the US!


Paul said...

Thanks for the love and support you guys... This whole process has been frustrating, but it helped to blog here about it and to see your replies.

Leigh - "sue 'em, sue 'em all, as I believe you say in the US!"

I like the way you think! =)