Friday, February 04, 2011

Back from Dead

It's been too long. Far too long. I blame Facebook + a small child. But mostly, I've been lazy.


So to kick this re-opening extravaganza off, let us start with the bread and butter of this blog:


Wait, that's the Internet as a whole. Lets try again:


Specifically, Egypt - I feel like the US is playing a horrible version of Let's Make a Deal.

Wayne Brady: OK US, I'm going to give you this dictator in all but name for the last 30 years. He has kept the peace and supported the US, but he also runs a police state that goes against everything we say we stand for.

US: OK...

Wayne Brady: You can keep that, or you can take what's behind the curtain. There may be 'new government with democratic ideals that will continue to support the US'; There may be an 'Iran like Islamic Revolution comes to power which supports terrorism and hates Isreal' (we call that a ZONK). Could be anything in between.

US: I don't like this game. Can't I just have a jet ski?


kmaz said...

The US should learn we are horrible at foreign relations. When was the last time that we did a good job in replacing governments. Seriously this is a people led revolution, who for the most part are doing this peacefully and in an awesome way.

Also what frightens me during this is the US was trying to pass an "internet kill switch" bill for us here. Really if you want people to sit around and do nothing leave the internet on, it's when they don't have anything and can't bitch and moan anonymously online that they'll actually go outside.

kmaz said...

Also, welcome back.